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What if I told you...You have access to hundreds of millions of users, their locations, interests, behaviors, countless other targeting capabilities, not to mention the ability to reach them at any given hour of the day, for a whole lot less than any other available advertising medium of equal scale?



Nearly 70 percent of all U.S. adults are active on at least one social network.

When people are deciding to choose a law firm to hire, they are looking for 2 things. 


  1. They want the best lawyer for their legal matter

  2. They want a lawyer that is easily accessible to them.   


Our objective is to help you convert more cases by achieving both.




  • Grow Followers/Audience Base For Your Law Firm On All Platforms (attract)

  • Increase Engagement With Our Content, Reviews & Recommendations (engage)

  • Convert Actions Into Cases In-House (convert) 




We start by developing and posting daily content consistently to each platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google My Business) we are looking for growth in the base audience around the law firm. 

We’ll stay on top of engagement on behalf of the firm. Keeping accounts active and accessible for users. Responding to private messages, “liking” and “commenting” on posts, engaging with users, ect.     


You can expect a weekly custom video, 2-3 custom images per week, an uptick in reviews/recommendations, and over 20 posts per week across all platforms. 


We also develop your social media advertising campaigns at no additional charge.  


Here are the benefits of the work we do for you: 


We Create Content/Images/Videos

Why You Need It


Content is king on the web. The primary goal here is to post relevant content to all social channels consistently keeping our followers informed. 


We use a mix of content from your website, content we create, and curated content from credible sources. (Current events, blog articles, local news, info about the firm, ect.) 


Your content should be relevant, interesting, and useful to users, not just the standard “attorney content” they see elsewhere. Overall the theme of the messaging is to say you, as a lawyer, care about “helping” people not “making money” off them. 


  • We create custom images ranging from testimonials, inspirational quotes, promotional images for the firm, as well as branded and non branded static images. 


  • We create custom video content in various styles tailored for social media platforms.  


Content publish schedule: 


Daily to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google My Business. (20-25 posts per week) 

Weekly to Instagram (2-3 custom images per week)

Weekly to YouTube. (1 custom video per week) 


We Grow The Followers/Audience Base For Your Law Firm On All Platforms

Why You Need It


It all starts with growing your audience. We build a follower base (on all platforms) of relevant people around the firm that engage and share our content with their friends. As Your follower base grows, as does your in house poole of potential cases. We aim to grow your follower base on all platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and YouTube.


When users look up your firm and see a high number of followers, it tells them that you are a modern, credible, and likely really good law firm, otherwise you wouldn't have many people following you. The aesthetics of this can not be understated. Additionally, you can create lookalike audiences from your follower base which is highly relevant when you want to advertise your service.


We are looking for steady growth of your social accounts. As we start posting content we look for engagement and followers to increase. As this all happens, your properties gain more “authority” and will rank in Google. Creating trust and credibility with additional avenues for potential cases to connect with you.


We Get Google Reviews & Facebook Recommendations

Why You Need It


This is by far the biggest factor people make before choosing a law firm to represent them. We help get more reviews by encouraging people to review or recommend the firm, either on Google or Facebook. We can generate a shareable link to send to your client list, and over time, as we grow the followers for the firm, we encourage your followers to do the same. Acquiring organic reviews requires patients, 1-2 organic reviews/recommendations per month average is what we are shooting for overall.  


We Manage Your Google My Business Listing 

Why You Need It


This is probably the most important directory on the web, and most lawyers anr not utilizing it! 

Posting up to date content consistently to your Google My Business listing and making sure it is fully verified with Google will get your firm listed in the Google Maps 3-pak when users are searching for a lawyer. This is not something you can buy, it is something that is earned.  


Along with this are google reviews, which are more relevant to law firms than yelp reviews. We help encourage users to write a review or recommend your firm. We can generate a sharable link that is sent to people in order to make reviewing or recommending your law firm as easy as ever. We want them to be organic, and they slowly increase in number over time. 

Google My Business is an important business directory and being active on it can be the difference in how someone finds your law firm instead of your competitor.  


We Optimize Your Videos In YouTube’s Search Engine

Why You Need It


Google owns Youtube, which is not just a video sharing platform but also the second most used search engine on earth behind Google. 


We help get your video content ranked in Google, so that when a user is searching a subject/topic, your relevant videos show up in the search results. We accomplish this with our management of your youtube channel content. More and more people are preferring to watch videos for information they are searching for.  


We create weekly video content that we post to all social channels. Most firms already have some video content for us to begin working with.  

We help optimize that content for the youtube & google search engine to help relevant people be able to find it.  

We Promote Your Blogs Posts And Increase Website Traffic

Why You Need It


We share all of your blog posts and website content on all social channels.

(we can also create video content to match your blog content) 


Ultimately seeding your blog posts to all social channels increases traffic to your website which increases how your website ranks in google. Additionally, as your social properties are actively posting content they too will rank in Google search results too. We are creating multiple paths of accessibility for potential clients to find you, vett you, and connect with you. 


We Retarget Your Website Traffic On Social Media 

Why You Need It


What this means is that when someone goes to your website, they will see your law firm’s retargeting ad in their social media feed. This keeps you “top of mind” to potential clients as they are considering which lawyer to hire. It also can be used to generate awareness by drawing user’s attention to services, features, or legal announcements about new potential cases that are relevant to your law firm. Social Media retargeting is done on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. You likely already have Google retargeting tags on your website. 


We Do Advertising/Lead Generation Campaigns For FREE  

Why You Need It


You can leverage us as your in-house social media advertising agency 100% free! In addition to growing the firm's social follower base, getting more reviews and keeping all of the accounts up-to-date! We make sure you have your own tracking tags/pixels on your website and we advertise and promote your law firm, growing your firm’s reach while attracting potential cases. 


Each platform has a different strategy, and we know what works best for each of them. 


The more data you gather on your own tracing tags/pixels the more you can specifically target the different cases you are looking for. 


Your advertising is not paid to us, but rather to the platform provider directly from your law firm's own ads account. The budget is whatever you want. Ads are approved by you prior to being launched. We run the same campaigns on Facebook for our clients that many 3rd party marketing companies are selling to others. But we not only do Facebook but also Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, youtube, and Google all of the data belongs to you!   


Monitoring & Analytics Reports Monthly 


We will provide you with:

Monthly Analytics Reports — Such as: follower growth, reach, demographics, leads generated, comments, "likes", shares, retweets, messages, etc.

Reporting- Summarizing various results and activities over each month. 




Guaranteed Social Media Growth & Engagement  


For $599/month you get a dedicated social media manager that will:


  • Post content daily to all of your social media accounts 

  • Grow a relevant audience around your law firm

  • Create 1 custom video per week 

  • Create 2-3 custom images per week 

  • Ultimately get more people to review and recommend your law firm

  • Develop individual advertising campaigns on social media for free 


We guarantee engagement & growth of your social media accounts, and provide monthly reports to gauge effectiveness. We can also generate you the best possible leads as your social media manager.  




You can hire us to work for you for only $599 billed at the beginning of each month to your company credit card. Our contracts are renewed annually, but if you are ever unhappy with our service you can cancel anytime. 


Take advantage of our years of experience by hiring us as your in-house social media management agency and stand out from your competitors. 

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Stand Out From Your Competitors!

Our job is to promote your business by using engaging content
on social & mobile channels. With every like, comment & share your
business gets exposed to a whole new audience.

$599 - No Set-Up



Everything You Need Is Included

Social Media & Google My Business provides an opportunity to build
community awareness, transmit messages to key audiences and drive
website traffic at a very low cost. Creating 1000s of new ways for
potential clients to discover your business and contact you.


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